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How to Create Three.js Tube Efficiently

In this tutorial, we are going to design a tube with the texture of a real-world tube. The process we are going to take starts from scratch and we will cover all of what needs to be explained in order for the beginners to understand. First, we will start with…

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Making A Three JS Cube: A Useful Guide

One of the simplest projects that will help you learn the basics of Three js, is designing a cube, changing the color, light sources, materials, adding textures, and so on. Of course, if you want to just get started with Three js, this example is one of the most…

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How to Use Perspective Camera in Three JS

One of the things that many new learners have difficulty with is about the perspective camera in Three js. Like our previous articles about Three js lights and others, we are going to cover a very problematic concept in Three js. This is something that may cause misunderstanding. So,…

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Three JS Lights: Create A More Realistic Design

Lighting is an important subject in every design process. With a perfect selection of light, you can create a more realistic view and a more natural one. For instance, the kind of light you use to create the scene of planet earth is totally different from the light you…

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Three.js Object3D: A Tool to Manipulate Objects

The main purpose of this tutorial is to make you familiar with the steps we take to create a very simple project in Three.js. Then, we run it and then manipulate the scene including the object, the camera, and the light or lights depending on the use case. Of course,…

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How to Create and Use Custom Shaders in Three.js

If you have read our previous articles on Three.js, you are familiar with the basic functions of this powerful tool. We have different ways to apply our desired textures on the surface of an object, One of which for instance is the MeshStandardMaterial() function we can apply any texture…

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Introduction To 3D Modeling in Three.js

With the Metaverse and virtual reality applications being created these days, 3D modeling and webGL-based apps are becoming more popular among designers and developers. The concept of creating a virtual world with the closest features to that of the real world seems more and more feasible with the new…

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