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How to Buy Virtual Real Estate in Decentraland?

Decentraland is a premier virtual land ownership platform for gamers, creators, and prospective entrepreneurs who wish to expand their portfolio into the virtual world. Decentraland is the first and most established platform of its kind. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about the Ethereum-based metaverse before investing in Decentraland.

Introduction of Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland (MANA)is an Ethereum-based metaverse game that facilitates the creation of a shared virtual world by a global community. Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano are blockchain professionals who created Decentraland’s smart contracts. They launched Decentraland in 2020 and governed it through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Users can now enjoy interactive apps, in-world payments, and peer-to-peer communication through the platform’s evolution while exploring, engaging, and playing games in this virtual world.

Furthermore, Decentraland is a fully immersive virtual world, similar to Skyrim and Fallout. However, you will play in a three-dimensional environment instead of a two-dimensional screen. Users can display nonfungible pieces of digital art called NFTs in online museums through the virtual world, promoting creative digital ownership. In this article, we’ll explain how Decentraland works, how to buy virtual land in the metaverse, and why the MANA cryptocurrency is so strong.

The three native tokens of Decentraland and their Differences

1- ESTATE: an ERC-721 token designed to represent the merging of digital land;

2- LAND: a nonfungible ERC-721 token representing digital land parcels;

3- MANA: DECENTRALAND’s official token is the MANA ERC-20 token, which is the platform’s native token.

Having the ability to swap for other ERC-20 tokens makes MANA and other ERC-20 tokens fungible. In addition, each MANA token is identical and has no distinguishing characteristics. These characteristics influence MANA’s suitability as an in-world currency. Although ERC-721 tokens such as LAND and ESTATE differ from one another, they are called NFTs since they cannot be exchanged. Therefore, they cannot be used as currency but can be used to create unique in-world products such as avatars, wearables, and land parcels.

A MANAtoken, a LANDregistry, and an EstateRegistry contract define the attributes of MANA, LAND, and ESTATE. Individual parcels of LAND can be purchased on the Marketplace with MANA to define virtual space. The Ethereum blockchain records every transaction you make, effectively turning it into a registrar for all the digital properties you gain in Decentraland. The Marketplace also sells wearables for avatars, such as clothes, shoes, and accessories.

How does Decentraland work?

The Decentraland metaverse is the same as any other metaverse project. You can explore the map and take part in many community events. Communities all over the crypto industry organize concerts, gambling nights, and movie screenings to gather and have fun. The platform allows players to track LAND parcels, which are real estate parcels, and buy and sell tokens. You can also use the platform to buy and sell digital art. Also, you can participate in the in-game economy by purchasing digital art and/or exchanging it with other players.

In Decentraland, users have direct control over the platform’s rules. Through the Decentraland Association Of Users, users can vote directly on the platform’s policy and game rules. Small squares represent LAND parcels on Decentraland. Districts are groups of LAND parcels that share a common interest, style, or community. Vegas City, District X (formerly known as the Redlight District), Fashion Street, Dragon City, and many others are just some of the districts available. No matter what you’re looking for, whether it’s debating startups, playing casino games, streaming Minecraft, or analyzing Southeby NFT, Decentraland has it all.

What is the process for buying Decentraland (MANA)?

The following sections explain how to buy MANA on cryptocurrency trading platforms like Coinbase:

1- Register for a Coinbase account:

The first step is downloading the Coinbase app and filling out the registration form. To transact, you’ll need a valid ID and maybe proof of address. Verifying your ID may take a few minutes, depending on where you live.

2- Select a payment method:

You can pay via bank account, debit card, or wire transfer by tapping the payment method box.

3- Choose Decentraland in the assets list and begin trading:

Tap “Buy” from the drop-down menu to access the purchase page for Decentraland. Type “Decentraland” into the search bar to locate Decentraland. Tap Decentraland in the search results to access the purchase page.

4- Decide how much you want to purchase:

Use the number pad to enter the amount you wish to spend in your native currency. The amount will be converted instantly to Decentraland currency.

5- Complete your purchase:

Upon tapping “Preview buy,” you’ll be able to preview the details of your purchase. After double-checking that everything seems okay, finalize your order. And that’s it. Decentraland is in your portfolio now.

How to store MANA?

One way is to store MANA tokens in a hardware wallet, which is very useful if you plan on keeping your tokens for a long time. The Ledger Nano S and the Ledger Nano X are both hardware wallets that support MANA. Since they are offline wallets, they are extremely safe and impossible to hack.

In the Nano S, only the features needed to keep cryptocurrency safe are included; in the Nano X, the screen is bigger and Bluetooth connectivity is included, among other things; Software wallets are a viable solution for short-term storage of MANA tokens.

What is the process for buying property on Decentraland?

A piece of LAND in Decentraland is a non-fungible asset that you can use for anything, including games, applications, gambling services, and even 3D scenes. What’s the point of ending it there? If you are interested in how to buy things in Decentraland, please follow the steps below. Educational, professional development, and tourism services are all possible on LAND.

1- Sign up

To begin, go to Decentraland’s Marketplace and sign in or create a new account if you are not already registered. Log in and select “Parcels and Estates,” then “View All.”

2- Choose a LAND parcel

By purchasing land directly from Decentraland’s marketplace, you can view the nearby places and their proximity to famous areas. Next, look through the available parcels of land and choose your favorite one. Click on the virtual piece of property you wish to purchase to learn more about it. Here you can find the owner’s price, availability, and name. To purchase, tap “Buy.”

3- Join the Decentraland Marketplace with your wallet

Upon successful transaction completion, you will receive the land as an NFT, so make sure your wallet is linked to your account. If you don’t already have a wallet, you can download MetaMask and Trust Wallet. You’ll need to have enough MANA or ETH in your wallet to complete the transaction. Furthermore, you’ll need extra tokens to cover the gas costs.

4- Make sure your virtual land is confirmed

LAND can be confirmed on your wallet after the transaction has been completed. Using a Trust Wallet, you can check this in the MetaMask wallet under the “Collectibles” and “NFTs” tabs. On Decentraland, each NFT is 16 meters by 16 meters and represents a piece of land. The number of plots is limited to 90,000, creating the feeling of scarcity.

How much does Decentraland LAND cost? A LAND plot in Decentraland costs roughly 4,000 MANA or 37 ETH. However, the user owns it until someone else wants to buy it. Since the tokens are nonfungible, the token owner owns them until someone else wants to buy them. In contrast, MANA is fungible (as explained previously), which means that users who have a lot of it can sell it to anyone who needs it, even new users who may have arrived to acquire LAND.


Investing in Decentraland or other metaverse platforms is currently profitable. Furthermore, buying property in Decentraland is a highly straightforward process. Renting out virtual property in Decentraland is a good investment because the owner keeps all the money they earn. This ensures profit accumulation without excessive platform fees. If you intend to diversify your digital portfolio, now is the time to consider purchasing a plot or more from Decentraland.

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The Best Metaverse Apps

In August 2022, the famous TIME magazine featured the exciting concept of Metaverse on its cover, showing its continued popularity. The popularity of the metaverse has soared since Facebook rebranded itself. This has resulted in a number of new projects popping up. These projects offer innovative and rewarding applications. We have previously covered some articles about Metaverse and its applications in different fields. In this article, we will get familiar with the top popular metaverse applications.

How do Metaverse Apps Work?

Apps that use metaverse technology (and metaverse games in general) allow their users to remain anonymous thanks to blockchain technology. These apps also integrate cryptocurrencies, making it possible to trade seamlessly in-world. Metaverse-based coins like IBAT, MANA, and AXS are among the best Web3 coins. In addition, projects that incorporate P2E mechanics will also distribute rewards in their native coins. these coins are used as the native currency of each metaverse, allowing users to buy, sell, and trade items easily.

Often, metaverse items are structured as NFTs. as mentioned in the previous section, this ensures ‘true’ ownership and ensures that items in the game cannot be altered. As a result of supply and demand effects, users are able to increase the value of these NFTs by trading them through the built-in marketplace of each metaverse. With all these concepts combined, it is clear that the possibilities for metaverse apps are endless. No matter what industry you are in, you can use the metaverse ecosystem to your advantage.

Types of Metaverse Apps:

Virtual Reality (VR) Metaverse Apps

According to Forbes, most people think of virtual reality (VR) as a video game. But it can be used for many other purposes too. VR metaverses are a type of metaverse app that has grown in popularity over the past few years. Virtual Reality metaverses can be used by corporations to train their employees, which may be better than learning through lectures or readings. This technology could also be used as a form of education for children, highlighting the potential of this type of metaverse app.

Blockchain-based Metaverses

Since these metaverse apps are based on blockchain technology, they are inherently decentralized and offer high levels of privacy. One of the best metaverse apps on our list is Battle Infinity, which is based on blockchain technology. Using NFTs, Battle Infinity allows users to explore and earn rewards in an immersive 3D world on the Binance Smart Chain.

Non-Blockchain Metaverses

A non-blockchain metaverse does not use blockchain technology, unlike a blockchain metaverse. Often, they’re found in video games like Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, and The Sims. The metaverses don’t use blockchain technology, but they still provide users with 3D virtual worlds where they can interact with others. Players can also earn rewards through these games but cannot use them outside of the game.

Top 10 Metaverse Apps in 2022

1. Decenteraland:

In 2021, Decentraland became one of the biggest metaverse apps, and its native token, MANA, became one of the best metaverse coins for investors. The token’s price increased by 700% in late 2021. Users can interact with Decentraland’s rich environment and create avatars. This world also offers users the option to purchase virtual plots of land (called LANDs). It is also possible to create 3D ‘scenes’ to interact with other users to monetize these LAND parcels. Users can also place in-world advertisements on these parcels. Decentraland doesn’t have a native mobile app, but users can explore the vast universe of NFTs associated with it through the ‘Decentraland Explorer app on Android.

2. Enjin:

With Enjin’s price surging more than 320%, the coin became one of the best altcoins to invest in. This was partly due to the popularity of metaverse projects at the time, all of which benefitted from Enjin’s capabilities. Using Enjin, developers can create and manage virtual goods on the Ethereum blockchain, according to Kraken. Among these goods are in-game currency and NFTs that can be transferred from one blockchain game to another.

3. Axie-Infinity: One of the Best Metaverse Apps for Battling

Likely, cryptocurrency users are already familiar with Axie Infinity, a metaverse platform that rose to prominence in 2021. Axie Infinity boasted 2.7 million daily active users at its peak in November 2021. Axie Infinity allows players to purchase monsters called Axies and fight them against other players’ Axies to earn rewards. Players receive rewards in AXS – Axie Infinity’s native token. Since Axies are structured as NFTs, they can be easily bought, sold, and traded. Despite not having a mobile app, users can still access Axie Infinity through their web browser on an Android phone since players can ‘breed’ their Axies, thus creating more opportunities for rewards. Axie Infinity remains one of the biggest metaverse apps because players can also ‘breed’ their Axies, thus creating more opportunities to earn rewards.

4. Sand Box: One of the Rich Metaverse Apps

It would not be a complete list of the top 10 metaverse apps without mentioning The Sandbox. It’s one of the best metaverse NFT projects launched in the past few years, allowing users worldwide to express themselves creatively. The Sandbox platform includes a feature called ‘VoxEdit’, which will enable players to create in-game structures. A similar 3D cube to Minecraft, voxels are used to construct these structures. It is possible to assemble a structure into an NFT, which allows it to be sold to others. Transactions happen on Sandbox’s marketplace, which uses SAND as its native currency. Users can also create 3D games without programming experience. In addition, SAND has become an asset of interest to investors from a speculative perspective due to The Sandbox’s popularity.

5. Bloktopia:

Recently, Bloktopia has been one of the best metaverse real estate projects to launch. To honor the fact that 21 million Bitcoins (BTC) can be mined in the entire world, Bloktopia is a virtual skyscraper with 21 levels. Users can purchase space within the huge skyscraper using the native token of the project, BLOK. A thriving economy can also start due to the in-world mechanics, allowing users to benefit from value increases in their property. Furthermore, users can lease their virtual real estate and generate a regular income stream.

6. Battle Infinity:

We pick Battle Infinity as the best metaverse platform for 2022. Players generate rewards by playing play-to-earn (P2E) battle games on Battle Infinity’s crypto-gaming platform. With Battle Infinity, players can also explore and interact in a 3D environment called the Battle Arena, hosted on Binance Smart Chain.

7. Mines of Dalarnia :

Mines of Dalarnia is one of the best play-to-earn games with metaverse concepts. It is free-to-play and allows players to upgrade their character and collect in-game items. It has a high metaverse app ranking because of its dungeon crawling mechanics, which are reminiscent of Diablo. Mines of Dalarnia’s levels allow players to mine for resources, which they can use to upgrade their character’s attributes or tools. The game also features battle mechanics since each level has monsters they must defeat. In Mines of Dalarnia, the native token, DAR, is the game’s currency. DAR rewards players in the game, which can be used to buy items from the in-game marketplace. In addition to being accessible via a web-based app, Mines of Dalarnia can also be accessed by anyone, regardless of their PC’s power.

8. Zepeto :

The South Korean tech company Naver Z has launched the Zepeto metaverse platform, which allows users to create avatars and interact with others in 3D. It is another of the best metaverse apps on the market. It enables users to connect with their friends within the virtual world and buy virtual items, including clothing and accessories. Furthermore, major clothing brands such as Nike and Gucci have developed digital versions of popular items based on the popularity of this metaverse. Zepeto also allows users to render their own selfies into the game and design 3D spaces for themselves to hang out. With over 300 million subscribers, Zepeto is well positioned to partner with other leading brands in exciting ways.

9. Roblox: An Innovative Metaverse App

In contrast to the other metaverse apps on our list, Roblox is an online platform that allows users to create their games and interact with those made by others. To gain exposure to Roblox’s growth, investors can buy the company’s stock, Roblox Corporation. Shares of RBLX increased exponentially in 2021, doubling in just over a month. The platform boasted over 202 million monthly active users in April 2021, largely thanks to Roblox’s mass appeal. Although Roblox has subsided somewhat, it remains one of the top 10 metaverse apps. However, those who create games with Roblox can earn rewards by offering in-game items, providing a way to monetize. Roblox also has a mobile app so that users can access the exciting virtual world while on the go.

10. MOBOX: One of the Top Gaming Metaverse Apps

The MOBOX metaverse app ranks highly on our list as well. According to CoinMarketCap, MOBOX combines yield farming with NFTs. Players can earn rewards by playing P2E games in the MOMOverse. Aside from gaming, users can also trade NFTs and purchase mystery boxes containing prizes based on randomness. There’s even the option to stake MBOX tokens to earn a high yield on your stake. Furthermore, MOBOX allows users to participate in the platform’s governance, enabling them to have a say in its future. MOBOX can be downloaded on Google Play, allowing users to play anytime.

Final Thoughts:

This article covers how the best metaverse apps work and why they are so highly regarded in 2022. As of right now, one of the best metaverse apps is Battle Infinity – a new crypto-gaming platform with innovative P2E mechanics that allows you to socialize and earn regular rewards from top NFT projects. The hype surrounding Battle Infinity is building as the presale approaches its soft cap, providing a solid foundation for future price increases.

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Five Best NFT Marketplaces for Creators

Many NFT marketplaces exist in the digital space, but some of them are the best. We have provide a list of the five best NFT marketplaces based on the number of users and the number of NFTs sold. This article will provide some details about the best NFT marketplaces.


For most people, when it comes to NFT marketplaces, the opensea is the first name that comes to mind. It operates exclusively on the Ethereum blockchain. Various non-fungible tokens are available on the platform, including art, censorship-resistant domain names, virtual worlds, sports, and trading card items. Among the assets it includes are ERC721 and ERC1155. Axies, ENS names, CryptoKitties, and Decentraland are some of the exclusive digital assets you can purchase, sell, and discover. Over 700 projects are featured, including trading card games, collectible games, digital art, and name systems like Ethereum Name Service (ENS).

Pros of Opensea

1- Opensea offers a high level of security.

2- This marketplace has the most outstanding selection of NFT styles (around 600).

3- Since October 2021, Opensea has been the only marketplace with a mobile app.

Cons of Opensea

1- The Opensea platform requires an Ethereum wallet, and cryptocurrency is the only payment method.

2- The buyer has to pay more for the minting fees because they are high.


Rarible is a community-based NFT marketplace where users can buy and sell a wide range of NFTs. Rarible rewards users who buy or sell on the NFT marketplace with the RARI token. Seventy-five thousand RARI are distributed every week. The platform emphasizes art assets in particular. This platform allows creators to mint NFTs to sell their books, music albums, digital art, or movies. It is even possible for creators to share a sneak peek of their creation with everyone who visits Rarible, but it limits the entire project to those who purchase it. Rareible buys and sells NFTs in categories such as art, photography, games, metaverses, music, domains, and more. Blockchain technology ensures the security of Rareible. The NFTS is also non-custodial, so they remain in your wallet until they are purchased by someone else. When your NFT is sold, the smart contract you agreed to when listing activates and deposits the money due to you. With blockchain technology, everything is secure and verified.

Pros of Rarible

1- An all-in-one NFTs marketplace that allows members to sell and create NFTs!

2- The ability to change the price of an already created collectible for free at any time.

3- The OpenSea integration ensures that your listed NFT(s) can also be viewed on OpenSea.

4- It supports debit, credit, Google Pay, and ETH wallets.

5- Provides various mechanisms for securing and protecting artists’ works, including verification and reporting.

Cons of Rarible

1- In most cases, you must connect your wallet before you can access many items on Rarible.

2- An ETH crypto wallet is required to make deposits and withdrawals on the platform. Wallet creation with Rarible is time-consuming.


The Mintable NFT marketplace is based on Ethereum’s blockchain. Creators can mint NFTs for free and sell or auction their works easily through this platform. Despite being a relatively new company in the industry, Mintable is backed by billionaire investor Mark Cuban. Digital assets can be created, distributed, purchased, sold, and traded on Mintable by users such as musicians and animators. Using smart contracts on the blockchain, creators can create digital assets even if they do not know how to code. In addition, it allows creators to convert digital files like PDFs and MP4s into NFTs for marketing on their websites. Mintable’s impressive collection of digital assets, which range from art to games, appeals to both creators and collectors.

Pros of Rarible

1- It allows creators to mint new NFTs without paying gas fees, also called lazy minting.

2- There is plenty of information available on Mintable Help to help users buy their first NFT, connect their wallet, and mint NFTs.

3- Mintable offers many popular ETH collections, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Dreadfulz, Azuki, World of Women, etc.

4- Users can verify a collection’s legitimacy with Mintable by conducting a reverse image search.

Cons of Rarible

1- Unlike many NFT marketplaces, Mintable only accepts ETH as cryptocurrency payment.

2- Mintable does not have a mobile marketplace or mobile NFT display app. OpenSea and Rarible all have mobile apps related to their marketplaces.


In Decentraland, a virtual reality world based on the Ethereum blockchain, users can buy and sell NFTs in a safe and secure environment. A smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain lets users acquire virtual properties, wearables, art, and even names. The Decentraland Marketplace allows you to list your assets in addition to purchasing digital assets. Creating avatars and 3D scenes is easy with the drag-and-drop Builder tool. A key feature that sets Decentraland apart from other marketplaces is that its tokens are designed to be equal in value and transferability to real-world coins.

Pros of Decentraland

1- A Security Advisory Board (SAB) supports the governance of Decentraland’s community.

2- It is possible to auction NFTs and sell LAND for MANA.

3- New features are constantly being added to the protocol through constant upgrades.

Cons of Decentraland

1- A lack of engaging content is a significant problem.

2- There is no interaction between users when they come across others.

3- As a result of cyberattacks, there is a risk of exploitation.

Enjin Marketplace

Enjin Marketplace lets you trade and explores blockchain assets. To date, $43.8 million has been spent on digital assets using Enjin Coin, representing 2.1 billion NFTs. 832.7K items have been traded. The Enjin Wallet makes listing and purchasing gaming items and collectibles easy. Enjin-powered blockchain projects include game item collections, games like Age of Rust and The Six Dragons, gamified reward programs like Microsoft’s Azure Heroes, collectibles created by community members, and NFTs from companies like Binance and Swissborg.

Pros of Enjin Marketplace

1- Enjin’s platform allows you to develop applications, games, and websites with next-generation non-fungible tokens.

2- By embedding NFTs within QR codes, Enjin’s Beam product lets businesses quickly expand and engage their audience.

3- You can find, buy, and sell rare and unique NFTs on Enjin’s marketplace, with nearly 1 million items traded.

4- Using Enjin’s wallet, you can trade both crypto and NFT seamlessly. Millions of people use their wallets for free.

Cons of Enjin Marketplace

1- Due to its non-open-source nature, the Enjin crypto wallet lacks adequate vetting.

2- Enjin has no physical backing regarding assets, profits, or commodities.

To sum up

We examined five of the best NFT marketplaces for creators and the advantages and disadvantages of each. OpenSea and Decentraland offer the best variety of NFTs available to traders and the best NFT marketplaces for regular traders. When purchasing from Ethereum or Algorand NFT marketplaces, we recommend paying attention to the type of NFTs. For example, NBA Top Shot specializes in in-game highlights and event NFTs.

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