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Different Kinds of Lattice Structure Using Blender

In this article, we are going to directly use the Blender modifiers to create an aesthetic costume lattice structure in Blender. But, as we have said before, the purpose of creating these kinds of lattice structures is art and aesthetics, because the end result is more stochastic rather than…

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Fixing Non-Manifold Meshes in Blender

One of the things that will make you fed up with Boolean modifiers in Blender is the non-manifold output. Unfortunately, there is no robust way to cover this issue. However, we can create a tool that can fix most (if not all) of the problematic meshes. This tool helps…

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How to Apply Boolean Union of Many Objects in Blender

This tutorial covers most (if not all) of the problems concerning the Boolean union of multiple objects in Blender. If you have worked with a Boolean modifier in Blender more than just a try, you must have faced the circumstances in which the result of union would have been…

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