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Specular Map Three JS: A Fantastic Tutorial

The specular map is a texture image that affects the specular surface highlight on MeshLambertMaterial and MeshPhongMaterial materials. Using the specular map, you will be able to set the shininess of a surface by giving the a grayscale value from white to black or from 0 to 255. The…

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How to load STL 3d models in Three JS

The number of objects that you can design in three.js very limited and nearly all of them are some basic geometries like cube, sphere, cylinder, torus, and so on. We all know that there are a tone of various models that can be created using designing software and platforms…

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How to Rotate Camera in Three JS

This tutorial focuses on a simple but useful animation you can create in your scene by rotating the camera. At first glance, you might think there is no need to rotate the camera as long as we can rotate the object. But in fact, the main reason we need…

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Point Cloud Effect in Three JS

This tutorial will focus on an exciting topic called a point cloud. Technically, we use a point cloud for creating the polygons. Then using the normal of the polygons, we make the meshes. In Three JS, the point cloud is also used for aesthetics, which means we use the…

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How to Use Multiple Cameras in Three JS

In this tutorial, we will cover one of the less available projects in Three.js on the internet. And that is creating multi-camera scenes. Up to now, nearly all the projects in Three.js that we have seen have the object and scene using only one camera and the viewer was…

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Three.js Realistic Shadows: A Practical Guide

In this tutorial, we want to create more realistic scenes by making the shadow effect. There are many parameters in creating a shadow of an object. One of them is the material. For instance, if you use the Mesh-basic material, you will see no shadow effects. The next important…

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Three JS vs Webgl: What Are the Differences?

In this article we will talk about both the WebGL and the Three JS. Their pros and cons, and the use cases each one of them have compared to the other one. Before we start comparing these two, it is important to notice that the Three.js library is based…

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