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Harmony Blockchain Introduction + Pros and Cons

The main purpose of all blockchains has been decentralizing peer-to-peer transactions. After Bitcoin, Ethereum managed to propose a more useful blockchain for decentralized applications. As blockchain users grew in number, all networks faced the problem of scalability. Since then, all the developers have worked hard to solve this issue. Among…

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Interacting with Terra Network Using Terra Python SDK

In this article, we are going to get familiar with the Terra network and how it works. Then, we will see how we can interact with the Terra network using Terra Python SDK to interact with Terra Testnet called Bombay 12 and Mainnet called Columbus-5. In this article and…

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Interacting with Local Terra Smart Contracts Using Python

In this article, we first connect to local Terra using Docker. Then we try to interact with local Terra smart contracts using Python scripts and at the same time use the CosmWasm functions inside LocalTerra\src folder written in Rust programming language. Finally, we will manage to interact with it.

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Creating NFTs with Smart Contracts and Python Brownie

In our previous article about the Non-Fungible tokens, we explained about the methods of ERC-721. In this tutorial, we are going to use those methods to write the simple_collectible.sol smart contract and deploy it on the Rinkeby chain. In other words, we are going to create NFTs with Python…

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An Introduction to the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

In this tutorial, we are going to introduce the Non-Fungible Tokens or ERC-721 standard. In addition to that, we are going to get familiar with the interface of ERC-721 so that we can later use them in NFT deployments. Every NFT project also needs an ERC-721 JSON metadata that…

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Lottery Project Compiling: A Complete Tutorial

In this tutorial, We are going to finally compile the lottery project. After making sure that it has been successfully compiled, we will run all the written tests to make sure everything works correctly in the contract. In the end, we will deploy the Decentralized Application on the Rinkeby…

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Lottery Project Using Brownie: A Full Scale Dapp

In this article, we are going to get started with the lottery project using Brownie. The main purpose of a lottery project in every network is to check the reliability of the randomness and use it for different purposes such as the lottery itself. In the lottery project, we are…

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ERC-20 Event and Function + Sample Smart Contract

In this article, we are going to analyze the ERC-20 event and function deeper and get familiar with the building blocks of any ERC-20 smart contract. Learning these methods and events will help us write the smart contract of our desired token. Throughout this article, you will see the…

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How to Interact with the ERC-20 Smart Contract

In this tutorial we are going to run the ERC-20 smart contract deployment on the Rinkeby chain and see the actual token created in our Metamask wallet. After you create and deploy your ERC-20 smart contract, you will be able to see that this token is added on the Rinkeby…

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