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Lottery Project Compiling: A Complete Tutorial

In this tutorial, We are going to finally compile the lottery project. After making sure that it has been successfully compiled, we will run all the written tests to make sure everything works correctly in the contract. In the end, we will deploy the Decentralized Application on the Rinkeby…

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Lottery Project Using Brownie: A Full Scale Dapp

In this article, we are going to get started with the lottery project using Brownie. The main purpose of a lottery project in every network is to check the reliability of the randomness and use it for different purposes such as the lottery itself. In the lottery project, we are…

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Using Brownie to Switch between Different Networks

In this article, we are going to switch between the different available networks we can connect to, using Brownie. Then, we’ll write a statement in the to connect to the network requested in the terminal by the user (the developer). This kind of script for network management makes…

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How to Interact with Smart Contracts Using Brownie

After installing and working with Ganache CLI, we are going to interact with simple storage smart contracts Using Brownie. Meaning that we want to store and retrieve a value within the contract. After doing this you will see how simple and efficient Brownie is compared to other methods in…

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How to Install and Use Brownie to Deploy A Smart Contract

In this article, we are going to install and use Brownie as a much simpler tool to deploy Solidity smart contracts using python scripts. Throughout this tutorial, we will install Brownie, create a Brownie project folder and deploy the simple storage smart contract. You will see that the whole…

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