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What is a RESTful API? A Complete Guide

REST API and RESTful API are both terms that can be used interchangeably. REST stands for Representational State Transfer and it is a software architectural style that defines a set of certain rules or constraints for creating web services. API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface. REST API…

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Apache Vs NGINX – Which Is The Best Web Server for You?

If you are looking for open-source web servers, Apache and Nginx are the two most popular ones. Together, they are responsible for serving over 50% of traffic on the internet. Both solutions are capable of handling diverse workloads and working with other software to provide a complete web stack.

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How to make user sudoer in Debian & Ubuntu

Using root user for regular usage is not recommended in Linux operating systems. The common solution for this point is creating a user and register him to the sudoers group. To do this on Debian and Ubuntu systems, follow the steps below: 1. Log into the system as the root. To do…

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