#18 How to Create a Web Page for Displaying IMDB Movies? (Part 1)

#18 How to Create a Web Page for Displaying IMDB Movies? (Part 1)

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Welcome to the second season of the JavaScript tutorials. In this series of tutorials, we are going to cover more advanced topics, including DOM, BOM, local storage, APIs, Ajax, callbacks, asynchronous functions, and more.

In this video, you will practice the tools that we have learned so far by designing a webpage that displays the top famous movies according to the IMDB website. We will use the Arashtad Sci-Fi-Games-UI-Elements-Pack repository to easily create beautiful cards and contain the movie details. Additionally, we will utilize a special API that helps us retrieve the movies in sequence along with their details.

Github Link for Sci-Fi-Games-UI-Elements-Pack:

Github Link of the Project:

Link of the API Website:

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