CEBP Vs. CEBA Vs. CBSE: Key Differences

At the moment, blockchain certifications are among the most sought-after credentials in technology. Blockchain-based applications are gradually creeping into nearly every sector, including finance and healthcare. Blockchain technology’s growth also implies favorable employment prospects. It is important to note that if you are interested in learning about the CEBP vs. CEBA vs. CBSE comparison, then you must be looking for a blockchain certification. The following discussion helps you learn about each certification and understand its differences. You can use the comparison to find the ideal pick for your blockchain career.

Introduction to Blockchain Certification

To pursue a career in blockchain, one needs to acquire the skills necessary. as an expert in blockchain development, blockchain engineering, project management, legal consulting, and blockchain web design, you can utilize your certification. Some certifications are specific. For example, developers with an IBM blockchain certification can use the Hyperledger Fabric to develop on the IBM platform. To obtain the best blockchain certification, you must attend timed and organized educational courses covering specific blockchain and crypto topics. A pass mark is required for all certifications (internal, external, and internationally recognized exams), but practical experience is also included. It provides in-depth theoretical knowledge of blockchain along with practical experience in the field.

The Importance of Blockchain Certification

One of the most common answers to “why should I become a certified blockchain expert?” highlights the tangibility of certifications. Blockchain certifications provide strong evidence that you are knowledgeable in particular fields of blockchain technology and its applications. Candidates with the certification also prove they have invested time and effort in learning about blockchain technology. To maintain their certifications, certified candidates would need to update their knowledge and fulfill recertification requirements. Additionally, blockchain-certified experts can learn how to use blockchain effectively to achieve business objectives.

Which Certification Is Best For Blockchain?

There are a few similarities between the steps for becoming a certified blockchain professional and other professional certifications. However, the most pressing concern in this discussion relates to the goal of becoming a certified blockchain expert. If you wish to become an expert, you cannot limit your blockchain skills to a particular field. To establish yourself as a blockchain expert, you need expertise in blockchain development, security, and enterprise applications of blockchain. Therefore, if you wish to become a blockchain-certified expert, you will need certifications that enable you to gain expertise in these areas. This is an overview of three notable enterprise blockchain certifications available from 101 Blockchains, among the many notable alternatives to enterprise blockchain certifications.

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional

CEBP CEBP Vs. CEBA Vs. CBSE: Key Differences

Compared to other blockchain certifications, the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP) certification provides learners with a unique value. In this certification, learners will be empowered with blockchain knowledge and an understanding of how blockchain impacts business goals. The course teaches learners how and where to apply their blockchain knowledge and skills. Additionally, the certification prepares learners to engage with business executives practically to provide engaging and highly productive solutions.

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect

CEBA CEBP Vs. CEBA Vs. CBSE: Key Differences

The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect (CEBA) certification aims to verify the skills of candidates for developing blockchain-based solutions for business issues. CEBA certification is not just another free blockchain certification. It provides you with knowledge of the platforms and tools required to build blockchain-based solutions. In addition, learners will have the opportunity to see demonstrations of several tools and platforms, including Hyperledger Fabric and R3 Corda.

Certified Blockchain Security Expert

CBSE CEBP Vs. CEBA Vs. CBSE: Key Differences

With the Certified Blockchain Security Expert (CBSE) certification, you can explore career options associated with blockchain security. During this course, you can gain a solid understanding of both the theoretical and practical implications of blockchain security. Furthermore, the CBSE certification tests candidates for their ability to use tools for evaluating the security state of blockchain systems. The certification also provides a prolific background for identifying and understanding the primary threats to blockchain security.

CEBP, CEBA, and CBSE differences

These differences between the CEBP, CEBA, and CBSE certifications highlight their potential to fuel your blockchain career. The following are the differences between them.


By earning CEBP certification, you will develop the skills necessary for understanding blockchain at a business level. It lets you know how to use or communicate blockchain at a business level.

You can improve your fluency in blockchain architecture concepts by becoming a Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect. A certified blockchain architect can translate client requirements into technical specifications for blockchain-based solutions.

The CBSE certification turns a unique page for blockchain professionals by focusing on blockchain security. It proves candidates’ ability to understand threats to blockchain and mitigate them. Furthermore, it ensures comprehensive awareness of security practices for different components of blockchain, including smart contracts, nodes, and consensus algorithms.

Target Audience

There are several important factors to consider in the difference between CEBP, CEBA, and CBSE certifications. As a matter of fact, target audiences can help you find which certifications suit your needs best. All three courses can help senior leaders, decision-makers, innovation managers, and entrepreneurs identify blockchain technology’s potential. Furthermore, certain certifications are better suited for specific audiences than others. For example, software developers and architects may benefit from the CEBA certification.


As a result of the CEBP vs. CEBA vs. CBSE debate, beginners are faced with a dilemma. How should they proceed? For example, a blockchain architect without skills in blockchain security isn’t a good prospect for an employer. Each certification has something to offer in a blockchain expert’s professional portfolio. Similarly, blockchain security experts without knowledge of individual components in blockchains, such as consensus algorithms and smart contracts, can have limited prospects. You can choose to take your blockchain development journey forward step by step with your favorite blockchain certification among the three. Thereby, gaining an advantage for your blockchain career.

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