How to Create Your Own Metaverse?

An understanding of blockchain technology, software development, and other technical skills are required to create a metaverse marketplace. If you have a development team within your organization, have them start a metaverse project. Alternatively, you can hire a metaverse development company . To understand what happens during the design and creation of a metaverse marketplace, here's a brief overview.

How Metaverse Works

How to Create Your Own Metaverse?

We will be able to interact with the metaverse in a similar way to the Internet we are used to, but instead of using phones, computers, and browsers, we will wear virtual reality helmets or augmented reality glasses and surf the Web, chat in Zoom, play Fortnite, and take courses on Coursera with them. Additionally, you should be able to switch between all these sites using a virtual start room (similar to the ones found in almost all multiplayer games, such as in Fortnite).

You already have such personal "rooms" - your phone screen with applications or your Facebook page that allow you access virtual worlds (i.e., applications) where you can watch TV shows, chat with friends, learn or play video games. Metaverse activity, however, will involve glasses of virtuality, augmented reality, or mixed reality (VR + AR). It's already possible to create such applications for the metaverse, for example, Horizon Workrooms from Facebook, an online meeting platform for virtual meetings with colleagues, or Second Life, a real-life online simulator.

The Technologies you should use for your Metaverse?

1. NFTs

This technology will be responsible for the continuity of the identity of the avatar and objects, which we spoke about earlier. Since NFTs are today the best way to identify and transfer ownership of digital assets between people as well as when it is transferred from one metaverse to another, all avatars, objects, structures, skills, and other unique things in the metauniverses will be implemented in the form of NFTs.

2. Interactive 3D technologies

For any metaverse to operate, a technology must scan the physical world, create a 3D model of it, and transfer this model to the virtual world. Input lag and a poor picture will make it difficult for users to fully immerse themselves in the virtual world if this technology is not fast enough and produces excellent graphics. These technologies already exist, but they are not perfect enough - like Microsoft's Kinect for Xbox.

3. Distributed computing (web3 and blockchain)

It will take enormous computing power to create interesting metauniverses, and it must run without interruptions or crashes. Distributing computations and storage between multiple nodes is the easiest way to achieve this, such as with blockchain or torrent technologies.

4. Artificial intelligence (AI)

The development of future metauniverses will also require quite powerful artificial intelligence. Smart assistants such as Google Now, Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Microsoft Cortana will be used to interact more closely with people. Additionally, artificial intelligence is needed to create and audit software, and build more reliable protection for users' data and money. and, of course, artificial intelligence can enhance the biological forms of the virtual world, making NPCs in games smarter.

5. 5G mobile communications

A faster Internet connection between the user and the metaverse is essential for the development of the metaverse and related applications. This will allow large amounts of data - including audio files and high-resolution textures - to be transmitted. Only the fifth generation of mobile networks - 5G - will be able to cope with the increased load, with peak download and upload speeds that are significantly higher than those of 4G.

How to create your own metaverse?

It does not have to be groundbreaking or VR / AR-related to develop the metaverse and its related applications. Your idea can be anything as long as it provides tangible benefits to the target audience or improves one of the metaverse's elements. You can, for example, create a virtual reality controller or create a cryptocurrency project to move avatars and objects between different metauniverses.

Find a great idea (list of metaverse ideas)

Ideas for creating metaverse applications are as follows:

1. Marketplace for the sale of items from the metaverse.

2. Freelance platform with an emphasis on creating clothing for avatars.

3. Freelance platform focusing on building houses, cities, and countries for the metauniverses (such services are already in demand, for example, in Minecraft).

4. Neural networks (AIs) are used to enhance some technology or component of the metaverse, such as voice translators to simulate real-time conversations between participants.

Search for a developer company

Next, you must find a company that will manage the technical aspects of implementing your idea. Ideally, the company should be familiar with the chosen niche and have several such ready-made projects in its portfolio. For example, you need a blockchain and DeFi team if you want to launch a crypto project in the metaverse, such as Arashtad . You will need to hire coding experts as well as engineers who have the right skills and interest in VR and AR if you plan to build a new VR controller.

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Arashtad Custom Services

In Arashtad, we have gathered a professional team of developers who are working in fields such as 3D websites, 3D games, metaverses, and other types of WebGL and 3D applications as well as blockchain development.

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Business analysis

Your business part of the future project must be decided on before the selected development team creates the design and writes the code. In other words, you must analyze the market, competitors, and target audience before building the metaverse. It will help you identify the prospects of your idea in advance and figure out how to implement it effectively.As a result of receiving information, the customer, business analyst, project manager, and/or lead programmer prepare technical tasks. This includes a list of functions and requirements. As a result, the scope of the upcoming work, the composition of the development team, and the optimal technology stack can be more accurately determined.

UX / UI design development, prototyping

As part of the development of metaverse applications, the information architecture, the user flow development, optimization, and the user interface design are all developed at this stage. UX / UI designers create these things. In the end, they will produce a prototype. A representation of the interface that will be presented to the end users in the future product.

Writing Metaverse application code

This is the point where your programmers begin coding your Metaverse application. Their responsibilities include integrating external services like payment gateways and liquidity pools into the future project's front-end and back-end. In most cases, code writing is divided into backlogs and takes a couple of months to complete. This depends on the complexity of the project.

Testing and deployment

Quality assurance specialists perform this. They check the created product for bugs, usability, load, and compliance with the specifications specified in the technical task. This usually takes about 20% of the development process. Smart contracts must also be tested if your application uses them. This needs to be done not only by internal Quality Assurance specialists but also by independent auditors such as Techrate and Certik. This will take a few weeks to several months.

Following a thorough testing and development process, the application is deployed to a local or cloud server. If the application is a mobile application, then it must be added to a mobile application store. Examples are Apple's App Store, Google Play, Microsoft's Store, and Amazon's App Store. It takes a few days to a month, and it costs several hundred dollars.


As the Metaverse evolves, it is not just a new trend or an improvement to existing technology. It is a paradigm shift in how content is consumed. And this will ultimately end the Internet in its current form. The future version of the Internet requires that you either develop your metaverse or develop applications, technologies, or services for foreign metauniverses if you intend to be part of it.

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3d websites

Arashtad Custom Services

In Arashtad, we have gathered a professional team of developers who are working in fields such as 3D websites, 3D games, metaverses, and other types of WebGL and 3D applications as well as blockchain development.

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