The Best Metaverse Apps

In August 2022, the famous TIME magazine featured the exciting concept of Metaverse on its cover, showing its continued popularity. The popularity of the metaverse has soared since Facebook rebranded itself. This has resulted in a number of new projects popping up. These projects offer innovative and rewarding applications. We have previously covered some articles about Metaverse and its applications in different fields. In this article, we will get familiar with the top popular metaverse applications.

How do Metaverse Apps Work?

Apps that use metaverse technology (and metaverse games in general) allow their users to remain anonymous thanks to blockchain technology. These apps also integrate cryptocurrencies, making it possible to trade seamlessly in-world. Metaverse-based coins like IBAT, MANA, and AXS are among the best Web3 coins. In addition, projects that incorporate P2E mechanics will also distribute rewards in their native coins. these coins are used as the native currency of each metaverse, allowing users to buy, sell, and trade items easily.

Often, metaverse items are structured as NFTs. as mentioned in the previous section, this ensures ‘true’ ownership and ensures that items in the game cannot be altered. As a result of supply and demand effects, users are able to increase the value of these NFTs by trading them through the built-in marketplace of each metaverse. With all these concepts combined, it is clear that the possibilities for metaverse apps are endless. No matter what industry you are in, you can use the metaverse ecosystem to your advantage.

Types of Metaverse Apps:

Virtual Reality (VR) Metaverse Apps

According to Forbes, most people think of virtual reality (VR) as a video game. But it can be used for many other purposes too. VR metaverses are a type of metaverse app that has grown in popularity over the past few years. Virtual Reality metaverses can be used by corporations to train their employees, which may be better than learning through lectures or readings. This technology could also be used as a form of education for children, highlighting the potential of this type of metaverse app.

Blockchain-based Metaverses

Since these metaverse apps are based on blockchain technology, they are inherently decentralized and offer high levels of privacy. One of the best metaverse apps on our list is Battle Infinity, which is based on blockchain technology. Using NFTs, Battle Infinity allows users to explore and earn rewards in an immersive 3D world on the Binance Smart Chain.

Non-Blockchain Metaverses

A non-blockchain metaverse does not use blockchain technology, unlike a blockchain metaverse. Often, they’re found in video games like Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, and The Sims. The metaverses don’t use blockchain technology, but they still provide users with 3D virtual worlds where they can interact with others. Players can also earn rewards through these games but cannot use them outside of the game.

Top 10 Metaverse Apps in 2022

metaverse min The Best Metaverse Apps

1. Decenteraland:

In 2021, Decentraland became one of the biggest metaverse apps, and its native token, MANA, became one of the best metaverse coins for investors. The token’s price increased by 700% in late 2021. Users can interact with Decentraland’s rich environment and create avatars. This world also offers users the option to purchase virtual plots of land (called LANDs). It is also possible to create 3D ‘scenes’ to interact with other users to monetize these LAND parcels. Users can also place in-world advertisements on these parcels. Decentraland doesn’t have a native mobile app, but users can explore the vast universe of NFTs associated with it through the ‘Decentraland Explorer app on Android.

2. Enjin:

With Enjin’s price surging more than 320%, the coin became one of the best altcoins to invest in. This was partly due to the popularity of metaverse projects at the time, all of which benefitted from Enjin’s capabilities. Using Enjin, developers can create and manage virtual goods on the Ethereum blockchain, according to Kraken. Among these goods are in-game currency and NFTs that can be transferred from one blockchain game to another.

3. Axie-Infinity: One of the Best Metaverse Apps for Battling

Likely, cryptocurrency users are already familiar with Axie Infinity, a metaverse platform that rose to prominence in 2021. Axie Infinity boasted 2.7 million daily active users at its peak in November 2021. Axie Infinity allows players to purchase monsters called Axies and fight them against other players’ Axies to earn rewards. Players receive rewards in AXS – Axie Infinity’s native token. Since Axies are structured as NFTs, they can be easily bought, sold, and traded. Despite not having a mobile app, users can still access Axie Infinity through their web browser on an Android phone since players can ‘breed’ their Axies, thus creating more opportunities for rewards. Axie Infinity remains one of the biggest metaverse apps because players can also ‘breed’ their Axies, thus creating more opportunities to earn rewards.

4. Sand Box: One of the Rich Metaverse Apps

It would not be a complete list of the top 10 metaverse apps without mentioning The Sandbox. It’s one of the best metaverse NFT projects launched in the past few years, allowing users worldwide to express themselves creatively. The Sandbox platform includes a feature called ‘VoxEdit’, which will enable players to create in-game structures. A similar 3D cube to Minecraft, voxels are used to construct these structures. It is possible to assemble a structure into an NFT, which allows it to be sold to others. Transactions happen on Sandbox’s marketplace, which uses SAND as its native currency. Users can also create 3D games without programming experience. In addition, SAND has become an asset of interest to investors from a speculative perspective due to The Sandbox’s popularity.

5. Bloktopia:

Recently, Bloktopia has been one of the best metaverse real estate projects to launch. To honor the fact that 21 million Bitcoins (BTC) can be mined in the entire world, Bloktopia is a virtual skyscraper with 21 levels. Users can purchase space within the huge skyscraper using the native token of the project, BLOK. A thriving economy can also start due to the in-world mechanics, allowing users to benefit from value increases in their property. Furthermore, users can lease their virtual real estate and generate a regular income stream.

6. Battle Infinity:

We pick Battle Infinity as the best metaverse platform for 2022. Players generate rewards by playing play-to-earn (P2E) battle games on Battle Infinity’s crypto-gaming platform. With Battle Infinity, players can also explore and interact in a 3D environment called the Battle Arena, hosted on Binance Smart Chain.

7. Mines of Dalarnia :

Mines of Dalarnia is one of the best play-to-earn games with metaverse concepts. It is free-to-play and allows players to upgrade their character and collect in-game items. It has a high metaverse app ranking because of its dungeon crawling mechanics, which are reminiscent of Diablo. Mines of Dalarnia’s levels allow players to mine for resources, which they can use to upgrade their character’s attributes or tools. The game also features battle mechanics since each level has monsters they must defeat. In Mines of Dalarnia, the native token, DAR, is the game’s currency. DAR rewards players in the game, which can be used to buy items from the in-game marketplace. In addition to being accessible via a web-based app, Mines of Dalarnia can also be accessed by anyone, regardless of their PC’s power.

8. Zepeto :

The South Korean tech company Naver Z has launched the Zepeto metaverse platform, which allows users to create avatars and interact with others in 3D. It is another of the best metaverse apps on the market. It enables users to connect with their friends within the virtual world and buy virtual items, including clothing and accessories. Furthermore, major clothing brands such as Nike and Gucci have developed digital versions of popular items based on the popularity of this metaverse. Zepeto also allows users to render their own selfies into the game and design 3D spaces for themselves to hang out. With over 300 million subscribers, Zepeto is well positioned to partner with other leading brands in exciting ways.

9. Roblox: An Innovative Metaverse App

In contrast to the other metaverse apps on our list, Roblox is an online platform that allows users to create their games and interact with those made by others. To gain exposure to Roblox’s growth, investors can buy the company’s stock, Roblox Corporation. Shares of RBLX increased exponentially in 2021, doubling in just over a month. The platform boasted over 202 million monthly active users in April 2021, largely thanks to Roblox’s mass appeal. Although Roblox has subsided somewhat, it remains one of the top 10 metaverse apps. However, those who create games with Roblox can earn rewards by offering in-game items, providing a way to monetize. Roblox also has a mobile app so that users can access the exciting virtual world while on the go.

10. MOBOX: One of the Top Gaming Metaverse Apps

The MOBOX metaverse app ranks highly on our list as well. According to CoinMarketCap, MOBOX combines yield farming with NFTs. Players can earn rewards by playing P2E games in the MOMOverse. Aside from gaming, users can also trade NFTs and purchase mystery boxes containing prizes based on randomness. There’s even the option to stake MBOX tokens to earn a high yield on your stake. Furthermore, MOBOX allows users to participate in the platform’s governance, enabling them to have a say in its future. MOBOX can be downloaded on Google Play, allowing users to play anytime.

Final Thoughts:

This article covers how the best metaverse apps work and why they are so highly regarded in 2022. As of right now, one of the best metaverse apps is Battle Infinity – a new crypto-gaming platform with innovative P2E mechanics that allows you to socialize and earn regular rewards from top NFT projects. The hype surrounding Battle Infinity is building as the presale approaches its soft cap, providing a solid foundation for future price increases.

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