What is Moralis? A Useful Intro.

With Moralis, you can create sophisticated DApps in minutes with just a few lines of code. It’s a fully managed and infinitely scalable Web3 platform that allows you to launch projects in minutes instead of weeks. One of Moralis’ greatest strengths is its accessibility. as a developer, this allows you to focus more on creating exceptional Web3 experiences with just a few lines of code. Do not waste your time reinventing the blockchain wheel, when you can be creating more valuable products like useful Dapps.

What is Moralis?

The Moralis service aggregates many different tools and APIs and serves as the glue between them. everything is needed to develop a decentralized app that works with blockchains, like Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain. In addition to different blockchain utility functions, developers will also get full-featured user management, standard authentication with passwords and emails, as well as crypto authentication using Metamask. as well as data management tools, cloud storage, and file storage, IPFS pinning services will be available. Another utility for developers is that they get similar functionality to web3.js and even static site hosting. As a result, there are many tools that make our life easier and faster. However, as this project is at the early stages of development, there could some downsides to it which we will cover in this article.

Moralis SDK

With Moralis SDK, A few lines of code with the Moralis SDK (Software Development Kit) are all that’s required to quickly add authentication for crypto wallets, users database such as tokens, and addresses to your project. Moreover, Moralis SDK works with both React and React Native; developers can now quickly build mobile and web Dapps.

Cloud Code

The Moralis server provides an advantage for heavy computation calculations by utilizing its own cloud server. You write it in a cloud server instead of writing it on the client side and invoking it. either schedule the function to get executed or invoke it from the client side. Dapps never have to perform hard and long and heavy mathematical calculations because cloud code handles the heavy computational logic on its own servers.

Moralis Database

Moralis servers handle the data of your Dapps by virtue of their name; For example, if you authenticate with a crypto wallet such as Metamask, the Moralis database will automatically store the authenticated user addresses, token balances, etc. Providing swap tokens, showing user details, transaction histories, etc., is easy with this feature.

What is IPFS and How does it work?

Interplanetary File System (IPFS) is the name of this versioned file system, which stores files and tracks versions over time, much like Git does. Additionally, IPFS defines how file transfers across a network, making it a distributed file system, similar to BitTorrent. These two properties combine to create a permanent web, enhancing existing internet protocols like HTTP with a new permanent web.

Just as blockchains rely on nodes for their computing power, IPFS has hundreds of thousands of nodes that offer their storage bandwidth to store the files and upload the content to the network. As a result, Wikipedia’s content would have been stored across a distributed network instead of a central server if it had used IPFS for storage. Users can access a particular page by entering the link to the node storing that page if one of the nodes storing it is online. The same applies to other platforms, websites, and apps. We will cover a complete article on IPFS in our fore-going contents.

IPFS in Moralis:

In Moralis, file uploads are also possible. There is a concept called Moralis File, which gives you a bunch of functions to handle uploads and get the files back. Most interestingly, they offer IPFS with auto-pinning, so you don’t have to worry about it. As a distributed P2P file sharing network, IPFS is very important in the blockchain area.

Moralis alternatives and competitors

You can see the list of Moralis alternatives in the following:

1. DappVolume:

DappVolume is a platform that lists Dapps (Decentralized Applications) and users of dApps. The data provided on the platform gives historical transaction data, as well as volume and user interaction data. DappVolume allows transactional, volume, balance, and users of each dApp in 1h, 24h, 7d, and all-time increments. Only DV shows all-time data.

2. Thirdweb:

Builds features such as NFTs, marketplaces, tokens, and more in a few clicks Utility SDKs, widgets, and interfaces to integrate web3 features into your app. It powers blockchain games, DAOs, NFT card platforms, generative art drops, and more.

3. Dapp Store:

Dapp Store is a platform, which lists all popular Dapps (decentralized applications). Discover the innovative world of blockchain, plus explore the many decentralized applications in our platform. Dapps are ranked by DAU and it shows their real popularity and usability of the Dapp.

4. Chainstarters:

Chainstarters is a powerful, rapid, web3-enabled platform for software developers. It eliminates the burden of setting up and maintaining a secure and scalable infrastructure. This allows you to focus on creating amazing technology.

5. Dappy Wallet:

Dappy is open source light wallet powered by Blockstack. It uses Gaia decentralized storage and encryption option. Dappy doesn’t store or proceed user’s private key, all data are securely stored in Gaia. Built-in exchange is supported by ShapeShift. Dappy was created by BC Net which trusts in crypto and decentralized applications.

6. Bunzz:

Using Bunzz, you can build your own tokens, NFT, DeFi Dapp, NFT Marketplaces, and more in a few clicks with our GUI Best Back-End solution for Dapp developers as well as allowing them to upload their own new modules. You can easily integrate web3 features into your app using Bunzz SDK.

Wrapping Up

In this article, you got familiar with Moralis, What it is, how it works and why you can create Dapps much easier and quicker by using its tools. In summary, Moralis lets you build and scale Web3 projects without the extra complexity that usually comes with them. Whether you are looking to build NFT projects such as your own NFT marketplace, develop the next groundbreaking DeFi protocol, or just have some fun with a GameFi project, Moralis will help you create the Dapp of your choice.

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