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What is TCP/IP and How does it Work?

TCP/IP which is the acronym for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol is a set of standardized rules that allow computers or network devices to communicate with each other. This communication can either be on the internet or on a private network like an intranet. The TCP/IP protocol suite functions as…

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Apache Vs NGINX – Which Is The Best Web Server for You?

If you are looking for open-source web servers, Apache and Nginx are the two most popular ones. Together, they are responsible for serving over 50% of traffic on the internet. Both solutions are capable of handling diverse workloads and working with other software to provide a complete web stack.

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What is a Web Server?

In this article, we will talk about one of the most important and fundamental concepts of IT, and that is a web server. We will explain what servers are, what they do, and how they do it. A server is a computer software and its underlying hardware that accepts…

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Top 15 commands every developer must know

If you are a newbie developer or you are not sure if you know all the useful commands that will help you navigate through directories or work faster, this tutorial is for you! In this tutorial, we will see how we can navigate through the directories, create files and…

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What Is A Decentralized Application (Dapp)?

Most of the applications we know and work on daily are centralized applications such as Instagram, Facebook, Uber, Twitter, etc. All of these centralized applications are controlled by a central authority. This means that they can be changed, or updated. They can block or delete a particular user’s activity.

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Specular Map Three JS: A Fantastic Tutorial

The specular map is a texture image that affects the specular surface highlight on MeshLambertMaterial and MeshPhongMaterial materials. Using the specular map, you will be able to set the shininess of a surface by giving the a grayscale value from white to black or from 0 to 255. The…

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How to load STL 3d models in Three JS

The number of objects that you can design in three.js very limited and nearly all of them are some basic geometries like cube, sphere, cylinder, torus, and so on. We all know that there are a tone of various models that can be created using designing software and platforms…

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