How to Create a Contact form in Joomla!

Contact form is the most common communication solution for websites. As an administrator, you need a gate open for your visitors so they can send you their messages, feedback etc. and having a contact form on your website, covers this necessity. In this tutorials I walk you through the process of Creating a Contact form in Joomla! So, you’ll be able to create as many as contact forms for your Joomla! website, linked to the emails you’d like.
Joomla! provides a built-in component called “Contacts”. This component helps you make categories for your contacts and create as many contacts you need and put them in relevant categories. You ready to get started? So, let’s go!

Step 1: Create a Contact Category

You need a category for your contact(s) first. So, after logging into the Joomla! admin panel, go to Components > Contacts > Categories.

How to Create a Contact form in Joomla!

On the next page, click on the “New” button at the top.

How to Create a Contact form in Joomla!

In the form opened, name the category and type an alias for it. Also, you can write a description for the category if needed. Then hit the “Save & Close” button.

How to Create a Contact form in Joomla!

Step 2: Create a Contact Object

Now, you can create your contact(s) and put them to the category you created. So, go to Components > Contacts > Contacts and click the “New” button at the top of the page.

How to Create a Contact form in Joomla!

The necessary fields on this form are “Name”, “Alias” and “Email”. You can leave the rest or fill them as you’d like.

How to Create a Contact form in Joomla!

After finishing with filling the fields, press the “Save & Close” button.
You’ve created a contact so far and it’s the time to show it at the website.

Step 3: Show the Contact Form on the Website

To display the form you created, you need to create a menu item for it. So, go to Menus > “THE MENU YOU’D LIKE” > Add New Menu Item.

How to Create a Contact form in Joomla!

By clicking the link, a blank form will be loaded, letting you create your menu item. So, enter a title for the menu and write the URL you prefer for the contact page on the “Alias” field. Then press the blue “Select” button. By clicking the “Select” button, a window pops up and provides the menu types you can create. Click on the “Contacts” link and then “Single Contact”.
Make the other necessary settings for the menu item as you wish and press the “Save & Close” button.

How to Create a Contact form in Joomla!

That’s all you need to do for creating and displaying a contact form for your Joomla! website. From now on, your visitors can navigate to the form by clicking the menu item you created in the Step 3 and fill the contact form. By pressing the send button, you will receive their messages in your email inbox.

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