WordPress Vs. Joomla: Which One Is Better?

It is essential that you have a good content management system (CMS) if you do not know how to code and want to set up a website. You can create, manage, and modify your website with a CMS without knowing any HTML or CSS coding. Currently, two such CMS platforms dominate the market: WordPress and Joomla. WordPress and Joomla are open-source CMS platforms that have been around for a long time. The purpose of this article is to compare WordPress and Joomla side by side to determine which is the best choice for you.

WordPress Vs. Joomla: A Comprehensive Comparison

A search for WordPress Vs. Joomla will bring up plenty of ideological differences between developers on both sides. In general, you’ll find these reasons on each side as to why they choose one platform over the other:

WordPress vs Joomla WordPress Vs. Joomla: Which One Is Better?

1- Security: Is WordPress as Secure as Joomla?

A platform’s security is determined by its weakest link. assessing how well CRMs handle vulnerabilities is essential when choosing a CRM. Let’s see which CMS is the most secure.

Joomla Security

Due to its less popular status and, therefore, not being the most popular target, Joomla has an edge in security. Joomla also offers a set of security extensions for forcing SSL and adding two-factor authentication (2FA). Joomla developers are constantly working to make the platform more secure. The Joomla site is updated frequently. More minor updates occur every 30-40 days, while major updates occur once a year.

WordPress Security

Since WordPress is famous as a CMS, it has a large target on its back. However, its developers keep an eye out for significant security threats and regularly update the core to mitigate them. It’s almost as frequent with WordPress updates as Joomla, with security updates every 40-50 days and significant quarterly updates. There is no dedicated feature in WordPress for forcing SSL or 2FA. However, any WordPress security plugin can optimize your website’s security instantly.

2- Easy Setup: Are WordPress and Joomla Easy to Get Up and run?

For beginners in website building, you will need a CMS that is easy to use. It will make things go faster for your business in terms of both setting up and maintaining your website. Let us see how both these CMS perform at being beginner-friendly.

Joomla Ease of Use

If you are new to Joomla, you must exercise more patience. In terms of Installation, Joomla is relatively easy to install compared to WordPress. Both WordPress and Joomla can be installed with a single click on many web hosts. After you’ve installed Joomla, the main difference comes after you’ve designed and developed your site. Non-developers might find Joomla more overwhelming than WordPress. In content creation, you need to create or set up a category for every kind of content you want to create in Joomla before you begin to create content. Although it is not too time-consuming, it is an additional step compared to WordPress.

WordPress Ease of Use

When it comes to ease of use, WordPress comes out on top. WordPress has a short learning curve, making it easier to use than other CMS. Its simplicity is one of the biggest reasons so many choose it. You can set up your WordPress website in 15 minutes or less. With WordPress, you can also develop a website faster and easier, even if you’re not a techie. The backend of WordPress is smooth and easy to use. Everything you need when developing your website is available from the left sidebar. Countless themes and plugins for WordPress allow you to add any functionality to your website you wish.

3- Customization: Which One Is Better For Extending Your Website?

Plugins and themes are available for both Joomla and WordPress, extending your website’s functionality and appearance. Themes control the appearance and feel of your website, while plugins add more features. Both of these are pieces of code that help you customize your website. Let’s see how much customization they offer.

Joomla Templates and Extensions

The Joomla extension library currently has around 8,000 extensions. You can also find more attachments on design and development sites like Arashtad.com. As of yet, Joomla does not have an official template repository. Third-party developers often host their templates on websites or marketplaces like ThemeForest.

WordPress Themes and Plugins

In this instance, WordPress wins again, primarily thanks to the sheer volume of themes and plugins available. There are more than 8,800 free themes and more than 59,000 plugins in the WordPress repository alone. Our own Themes are one of the most popular themes. WordPress users can get themes and plugins for any niche they desire. The versatility of WordPress is what makes it stand out from the competition. Our own Themes

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4- Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Which One is better?

Being in the top 10 of Google or any other search engine helps you gain more qualified visitors and leads, which leads to more sales and leads. Being in the top 10 of Google or any other search engine enables you to gain more qualified visitors. SEO is an essential factor when choosing a CMS, so let’s take a look at what WordPress and Joomla have to offer.

Joomla SEO

As an SEO-friendly platform, Joomla allows users to create SEO-friendly content, meta descriptions, and URLs that are easy for search engines to understand. A default setting in Joomla is on-page SEO optimization. Extensions are available that help you optimize your content. You can optimize your posts and pages on the go with Easy Frontend SEO (EFSEO), one of the SEO extensions available in Joomla.

WordPress SEO

Even though WordPress doesn’t come with built-in SEO settings like Joomla, it supports several SEO plugins that can help you optimize your SEO on-page game. Many WordPress SEO plugins will help you through the entire on-page SEO process, including RankMath, Yoast SEO, and All-in-One SEO. They optimize every aspect of your website, including posts, pages, product descriptions, and product categories. You can rank your website higher with these SEO plugins, which are miles ahead of Joomla extensions.

5- Page Speed: Which One Is Faster?

Many factors influence page speed, including the CMS, your website’s server, CDN, the number and type of plugins (or extensions) installed, the number of design elements on a page, and media size.


The development of Joomla can be sped up by introducing new plugins, but the code is more complex for beginners than WordPress. WordPress can also slow down if unreliable plugins are installed, or existing plugins are not well-optimized.


As a whole, WordPress is the best option for ease of use, not just because it allows for easy customization but also because it is an impeccably fast platform right after installation. WordPress’s page speed also contributes to SEO, which is why it is so popular among bloggers. Without coding, you can also improve the speed of your WordPress website.

Final Thoughts

With Joomla, you can build online forums and websites with extensive product catalogs and complex structures. It is developer-friendly and offers high levels of sophistication. Due to advanced user management schemes, it is suitable for websites with multiple admins and many users. However, the learning curve is steep, making it not ideal for beginners. With WordPress, you can build any website you want. It’s a do-it-all DIY tool. You can build anything with all the features you need as long as you’re willing to learn. When it comes to building a website, WordPress is the easiest of the two content management systems.

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