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IoT Analytics Platform for Real-Time Data Ingestion

IoT analytics can analyze the data generated by connected IoT devices. Kevin Ashton coined the term “Internet of Things” as a co-founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT’s Auto-ID Center). As a result, the IoT is just an ecosystem of physical devices that connect to the internet.

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Internal Developer Platform (IDP): Key Components and Its Benefits

With cloud computing, DevOps, containerization, and microservice architecture becoming the building blocks of modern application development, internal software development teams increasingly need a straightforward way to manage those resources. A faster time to market is crucial to the success of ever-growing businesses in the modern world. Consumers…

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Key Elements for a Successful Cloud Migration

Cloud migration aims to move vital data, applications, and business objects from the organization’s on-premises computers to the cloud. There has been a tremendous boom in Cloud Migration due to its ability to take a business forward, the potential of a system, and the increase in client…

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Bitcoin ETFs: A Comprehensive Guide to Exchange-Traded Funds

The exceptional rise in Bitcoin’s value has paid attention to Bitcoin ETFs and their ramifications. Bitcoin is widely regarded as the first popular cryptocurrency and is among the top choices for governments, retail investors, and companies worldwide. However, it is essential to note that Bitcoin has several…

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How to Mine Bitcoin: An Insightful Guide

Even though cryptocurrency mining is painful, costly, and only sporadically rewarding, it still has a magnetic appeal for many investors interested in cryptocurrency since miners are rewarded with cryptocurrency tokens in return for their work. A bitcoin reward is an incentive that motivates miners to help legitimize and…

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The Bitcoin ATM (Automated Teller Machine) or BTM (Bitcoin Teller Machine) is one of the more popular ways to bypass the traditional banking system when buying or cashing out Bitcoin (BTC). In parallel with the increasing value of cryptocurrencies and their increasing trust level, they have gained popularity…

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An Insightful Guide to Binance Smart Chain

As of 2021, Binance has become one of the most recognized brands in crypto. Binance operates its own blockchains. One is called Binance Smart Chain (BSC) – a blockchain that uses Ethereum as a platform. The new Blockchain, BNB Chain, which provides a complete ecosystem for building high-performance…

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How to Develop NFT with Flow Blockchain?

Since its launch in 2020, Flow has expanded its blockchain platform from its original gaming purpose to supporting smart contracts and fast, low-cost transactions. It powers blockchain applications like NBA Top Shot, a non-fungible token offering (NFT). Here’s how Flow works, its benefits, and how you can build…

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Upwork: What Is It and How Does It Work?

In terms of Upwork’s company profile, it can be said that it is the largest online workplace in the world, posting approximately 3 million jobs a year, valued at $1 billion. There are over 10 million freelancers on Upwork and 45,000 clients on Upwork. Clients can use the…

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